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Welcome to bloghop day everyone. A special thanks to Claire Smilie for organising this event, I can’t wait to see all the awesome designers that are part of this hop. After you’ve finished viewing mine, please click here to visit Mel Smith’s awesome space. And if you didn’t get here from Jennifer Roger’s site, please click here to have a look at the wonderful work she’s got for you. Enjoy your hop!

I’ve been umming and ahhing this last month about how to proceed with the print Paper Cloth blog, and considering the direction that I want my surface design to take, and after much meditation and quiet reflection, I have decided to follow my deepest instincts and focus my efforts on surface design for the home and interior spaces. That’s not to say that I may at times produce something that is totally left of field, after all I am a designer and human just like the rest of us, and occasionally my spirit takes me on flights of fancy too, but the majority of my focus with my work, and especially my blog posts will be sharing the beautiful work that adorns interiors around the world.

It feels so wonderful to write that down, like setting myself free in some ways. It free’s me up to establish myself within a smaller niche, and do it very well. Interiors can mean anything from rugscarpetscurtains and upholstery, to wallpapersoft furnishingslinenlampshomewares etc. Anything that has anything to do with the home. I’ve chosen this direction for two reasons, one because my heart tells me to and i do go crazy over interiors (really.. quite obsessed – though you wouldn’t know it if you were in my own home.. having a toddler means I don’t decorate much!), and secondly, because I can’t quite seem to muster up the energy to stay ahead of the fashion industry, it move so fast don’t you think? And yes, although interiors are definitely influenced by what’s happening on the catwalks, I feel that there is alot more simplicity in the industry, and that suits me to a tee and feels great.

So this being my first post in my ‘new direction’ I wanted to showcase a  few patterns of mine that are suited to home decor and interiors, and currently in the process of being made available as wallpaper.

Oh, and if you want to stay abreast of great interior deocr and design, check out my pinterest boards.. loving pinterest!


Maraya_Rodostianos_Ribbon for my hair-surface-design

PARASOLS-Maraya-Rodostianos-surface design



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  1. Nicky Ovitt
    September 17, 2012

    WOW! Maraya —— these designs are stunning and I’m so interested to read your thoughts on focus and direction. Congrats on figuring that out. I can relate to needing to simplify. You have great Pinterest boards. Check out High Point Market if you have not already. Great work and website.

  2. Femi Ford (@femiford)
    September 17, 2012

    Beautiful designs…so nice that you have found your focus! Your work will do very well in that niche :)

  3. Emine
    September 17, 2012

    Congratulations on finding your niche! I am still figuring mine out : ). I loved your Design Made Trade stand..gorgeous..good luck with your continued success!

  4. Mary
    September 17, 2012

    I can definitely see all of these designs on home products! They’re fantastic, and it must be a relief to know what kind of direction to go toward! I’m still trying to find that niche :)

  5. Elizabeth Olwen
    September 18, 2012

    Such beautiful work!! Love your use of colour and interesting shapes. The fine line work in that third one is gorgeous!

  6. Bethania Lima
    September 23, 2012

    I love your work. Amazing!

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