Day one – the search for wooden crates

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The search for wooden crates – the ‘in’ way to display homwares

After spending days on Ebay searching, bidding, losing and suffering from EDS (Ebay disappointment syndrome) I finally found some great wooden crates to display my homewares and stationery at a nursery in Kilsyth, Melbourne. (Maples on Canterbury) I kid you not, therapists could make quite a good living out of dealing with the frustration that Ebay can trigger? Don’t you think?

The crates I found are awesome, just the right size, the right price ($10 a piece! Can’t go wrong with that hey?) And, they’ve got a truckload of them to sell, a very happy camper here. I through them all in the boot of the car, along with a big hairy huntsman.. eeeeeekkkkkk! and brought them home, washed them down, set them up and started playing with photography. I’ve got to find somewhere to do a product shoot as unfortunately I didn’t get my manufacturing done in time to use my regular photographer.. any bright ideas? White walls, good lighting… tried at the house I’m staying in here, but the light just isn’t right.

Here’s a shot of my crates in action!


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1 Comment

  1. Kate Robinson
    May 27, 2013

    Hi Maraya!

    I just wanted to comment and say a big thank you for sharing your source for these fabulous wooden crates! I have picked some up for a wedding show I am doing next month at the Melbourne exhibition centre.

    Thank you again!
    Kate x

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